Specialist in Paints ,Tools,Electricals and HardwareWe deal with all types of ceiling installation, flooring solutions, kitchen & wardrobe installation, floor & wall tiling and office partition services.GET IN TOUCH WITH US We are Located At Settlers Center, Ground Floor ,Off Katani Road,Syokimau P.O Box 645-00521, NAIROBI,KENYA TEL : +254 791 578 262 Email :info@experthometouch.com


Our variety and range of Paints is suited to meet your needs,be it in ;Interior Living rooms,Kitchen,Dining Room,Bed Room,Bath Rooms,Laundry ,Sanitary, Exterior Veranda,Perimeter Walls ,or Open Garage

"Expert Home Touch gives you color inspiration ideas,tools and advice and the painting process right from the planning stage to getting the paints on the walls Our interior and exterior designs provides our clients with visual pleasure giving an encompassing feeling to a living space notably:- Light and airy,warm and cozy,neat and Functional,traditional and stable."


Did you know that colours have meaning and ,that,they influence how you feel? Yes colour schemes that invokes feelings because of the expert touch. Otherwise a colour theme can be awful unwittingly tendered hence making a living space difficult to live by. For trends and forecast,that may affect your existing and new project at hand-essential which can be updated inexpensively every few years or commercial unit revamp. What does your colour scheme symbolize? It could be your style,Your House Location. At Expert Home Touch,we develop colour schemes to suite the owner ,Uniquely personal and special to you individual needs. We make it inviting and welcoming.When your guests arrive,your scheme should express the personality of the owner and make them feel comfortable.    

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To be a preferred paint supplier and apply business concept to help people stand out with the right impression to the community, while adding value to the upcoming and existing buildings.


To transform living spaces into dream homes that keep the family in the right environment to thrive with radiant living language.
We are Located At Settlers Center, Ground Floor ,Off Katani Road,Syokimau
E-mail: info@experthometouch.com Phone: TEL : +254 791 578 262

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